Thursday, October 02, 2008


Here are the results of six months of fluid intake tracking. My data recording became lackluster in September, so for integrity's sake I decided just to hold it to six months. I'm kind of disappointed I did not make it a whole year, but as they say, stuff happens. Anywho, here are some stats:

Six Month Stats
- 18647.35 total oz. consumed.

- 101.90 total oz. per day

- Highest total oz in a day: 228.00 oz., March 7, 2008.
140.0 oz. H2O, 72.0 oz. Beer, 16.0 oz. coffee

- Most Beer Consumed in a Day: 142 oz., February 23, 2008 (BEERFEST)

-Most Beer Consumed in a Month: 816.00 oz., March


justin said...

I'm impressed you were able to keep it up for so long. So what have you taken from this experience? Trends noticed? Lessons learned?

Brian said...

What happened on March 7?? Why was march so high for beer intake?? Was it the Madness? That'd be my guess. You took it pretty hard when Duke got knocked out.