Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Think These Are Hops

So I planted some hops, and for awhile I was thinking it was a bust because I wasn't seeing anything. And I also dug up the rhizomes a couple times to check and see if anything was sprouting off of them and there never was. But then a couple weeks ago I noticed some growth in the area. I thought maybe it was a weed, but now I am thinking these are the hops because I haven't seen any other weeds like this in the yard. Do they look like hops to you? If they are, these hops would be of the Willamette variety.

UPDATE: Upon looking at other pictures of Willamette hops on the internet, I am thinking these in the video are not the same. The Willamettes on the internet all have pointy-ish tri-tipped leaves. Mine are more round. These may be the Tettnanger hops, and the Willamette may be on the other side of the yard. I cannot remember which I planted where. Or they could just be weeds and I may have no hops at all. Which would be sad.

UPDATE: I have been reluctant to repost because of my failure as a hops grower. Sadly, the alledged hops were really weeds. So I have no hops and I have the sadness.

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justin said...

I think you made the right call,in that they aren't hops. They do have some features that are reminicient of young hops, though. The first couple of leaf sets my plants had a rounded leaf not too disimilar from those. The 3-point leaves didn't show up till later. For me - it's the lack of bine (vine) that is the tip-off.